Find answers to all of your SUNNYD questions!

What? Have you been living under a rock? Just the best tasting, boldly original drink on the planet! SUNNYD, or Sunny Delight, is a refreshing fruit-flavored beverage that has 100% of the daily value of Vitamin C in one 8oz serving.

Feeling extra bold? Tangy Original is or you. Need a punch of fruit, this one’s obvious…Fruit Punch! Missing those endless Summer days? We’ve got you with Lemonade. No matter your mood, there’s a SUNNYD flavor out there with your name no it. Which your favorite? For more inspo, visit our Flavors page.

SUNNYD comes in both refrigerated and shelf stable versions. Yeah, we’re cool like that! Your sips should always be legendary so make sure to check the label for refrigerating information. Always refrigerate SUNNYD after opening and drink before the “best before” date stamped on the bottle. If SUNNYD is sticking around in your fridge for that long, you might be doing something wrong.

We won’t stop you, but if you insist, take these tips from us. Make sure you don’t freeze SUNNYD in its container, it will expand and make a mess. We don’t want anyone crying over spilt SUNNYD. Feeling extra adventurous and thinking about ice pops? Been there, done that. Just make sure to enjoy before they melt, freezing might affect the taste of your SUNNYD after it’s thawed.

Never fear, SUNNYD is near! It’s available at most grocery chains and mass merchandisers, as well as many convenience stores. If you can’t find SUNNYD at your favorite store, pack up your things and move immediately. But seriously, just ask the nice store manager.

This part is important, check your SUNNYD bottles for the best before date on the neck of the bottle, the shoulder, or above the production code. To find the date on SUNNYD cans, check the bottom.

Nope! No SUNNYD products contain caffeine, just bold flavors.

No way! There is no gluten in SUNNYD products.

Yes. SUNNYD uses some artificial sweeteners as a way to reduce the amount of sugar and calories without compromising the one-of-a-kind taste. All ingredients used in SUNNYD have been thoroughly tested for safety, are approved for use by the FDA and are listed in the ingredient statement on every SUNNYD label.

We are very sorry that you are not 100% satisfied with your SUNNYD. There are a number of possible explanations: your bottle could have been exposed to high temperatures, damaged during shipping, or it may be beyond the “best before” date. If you suspect there is a problem, do not drink the product. For further information and assistance, please visit our Contact Us page