With Ricky Stenhouse Jr.

Start Your Engines

Don’t miss your chance to cheer Ricky and the No. 17 SUNNYD Ford to Victory!

The No. 17 SUNNYD Ford’s 2019 Race Schedule

Phoenix – March 10th

Bristol – April 7th

Kansas City – May 11th

Las Vegas – September 15th

Charlotte – September 29th

Talladega – October 13th


What do you think about while you’re driving?
I’m really focused on listening to my spotter and then what the car is doing so I can relay it back to my crew chief.
What is your Dream vacation?
On a yacht in clear blue water
What advice would you give someone who wants to become a NASCAR driver?
Race anytime you can, learn the dynamics of the race car so you can work on them as well. This will help you in the higher ranks when you are providing feedback to your crew chief and engineers.
If you could have a pet that wasn’t a dog or a cat, what would you choose?
Miniature longhorns- I just got two. A friend from back home introduced them to me. 
How do you spend your time when you aren’t racing?
Golfing and working on my property.
What’s your favorite race day food?
I usually have grilled chicken and veggies before the race but I’m not really that picky
What’s your favorite track to race on?
Why is Bristol your favorite track?
Reminds me of running dirt tracks and we run good there.
Why did you become a race car driver?
My dad raced. I went to the race track when I was 6 weeks old. My dad was a huge part of my racing career. He still comes to about half my races now. He builds racing engines so he doesn’t get to come every week like he wants.
Any guilty pleasures? I’m addicted to candy What’s your favorite candy of all time? Reese’s Big Cups.

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