Top 5 Family Holiday
Movies and Snacks

The holiday season is here! Whether you’re bundling up with your immediate family or running a boarding house full of relatives, there’s one thing that is sure to put everyone in a festive spirit — holiday movies and a themed snack! While everyone has their own favorite film to watch this time of year, we’ve compiled a list of guaranteed crowd pleasers and signature treats to really bring out the fun!
1. Elf & Maple Syrup Cookies
It may be one of the more recent films on this list, but everyone can agree that Elf has already achieved the status of a “holiday classic”. While Will Ferrell’s titular character is obsessed with syrup, we’ve found a better option than dumping a bottle on top of spaghetti like Buddy the Elf. Just whip up a batch of maple syrup flavored cookies. We recommend making a big batch and telling yourself any leftovers can be left out for Santa. Fair warning – there may not be leftovers!
2. A Christmas Story & “Chinese Takeout”
It may be set in the 40’s, but A Christmas Story is a film any kid can relate to. Featuring classic lines like “You’ll shoot your eye out kid”, this influential movie has been delighting families for generations. To really get into the film, a delicious and easy meal pairing is some Chinese takeout. Don’t worry, you don’t have to burn a turkey first!
3. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation & Squirrel Cookies
While the National Lampoon franchise is filled with beloved films, Christmas Vacation is one of our all-time favorites. Celebrating the glorious highs and hilarious lows of the holiday season, the film is jam-packed with some of the season’s most iconic and gut-busting scenes. To celebrate, try making a batch of holiday cookies shaped like squirrels. Don’t forget to pair it with a glass of SUNNYD, the only drink so refreshing it could make dry turkey taste good!
4. A Charlie Brown Christmas & Peanuts
Another beloved film, A Charlie Brown Christmas, includes an iconic soundtrack that still holds up to this day! It’s no wonder people have enjoyed this film for decades. For a fun, tongue-in-cheek snack, just switch out your chestnuts for peanuts! We recommend the honey roasted variety for that sweet taste we’re all looking for during the holidays. Best of all, it pairs perfectly with a tall bottle of SUNNYD!
5. Home Alone 2 & Homemade Ice Cream Sundaes
Every essential holiday movie list must include one of the Home Alone films. They may be the only holiday movies to feature two bumbling burglars, but they’re easily some of the season’s best! To capture the spirit of Kevin’s time living it up in the Plaza hotel, there’s nothing like a giant ice cream sundae and a tall glass of SUNNYD – just like in the movie! In fact, this combination has become so iconic that the Plaza Hotel is now offering a Home Alone 2 package that lavishes guests with ice cream and a “SUNNYD Cocktail”!