Throw a Holiday Party That
Even Teens Will Love

With the holiday season here, our greatest joy (and often our greatest struggle) is rounding up the family for an epic party that everyone can enjoy. As parents of tweens and teens know, this is often easier said than done. And in fairness, when you were fifteen, did you really look forward to a bunch of relatives pinching your cheeks for an hour? No need to worry, we’ve got three tips that will turn your celebration into a success!
1. Prepare for the Best!
We’ve all heard of preparing for the worst, but we say it’s even more important to prepare for the best time possible! When it comes to teenagers, that means one thing — food and plenty of it. While you’re used to them wolfing down a pantry full of snacks and enjoying bottles of SUNNYD every weekend, we are sure they’ll greatly appreciate you whipping up their holiday favorites. If they’re the type who loves watching cooking shows, they may even take the chance to lend a hand in the kitchen and learn those secret family recipes! After all, there’s nothing more Insta-worthy for your teenagers than the delicious spread they just cooked up.
2. Set the Stage
After exhaustive research, we have found that teens care about one thing above all else — not getting embarrassed. Unfortunately for parents, that means you’ll have to save the adorable baby photos for another time (like their wedding). The good news is that there are still plenty of happy memories to celebrate. While your teen might not want to hang up their childhood artwork, they’re sure to have a prized decoration or ornament to hang up with pride.
3. Stir Up Your Secret Santa
While games like Secret Santa are a blast for adults, teens’ tastes are changing too quickly for anyone to keep up with. To avoid your teens’ ending up with last year’s fad, a game of white elephant is sure to keep them engaged and scratch everyone’s competitive itch. If you haven’t had the chance to play yet, just have everyone bring a wrapped gift to the party and place them in the center. Then take turns either opening a gift or “stealing” a gift that’s already been opened. Best of all, it turns what could be a quick gift-giving celebration into a full-fledged event!