SunnyD Pumpkin Carving

Hey, we’ve all been there. We’ve tried “freestyling” a jack-o-lantern and ended up with something that’s only scary by accident. But this year, it’s time for a change. It’s time to craft a pumpkin that will put everyone on your social media pages to shame, and we’ve got just the template to help you do it!

To get started you’ll need a few tools:

  1. Our jack-o-lantern template that you can download here.
  2. Scotch tape
  3. A large, kitchen knife
  4. A smaller detail knife
  5. A poker (a small Phillip’s head screwdriver will work)
  6. A big spoon or scoop

Now, lets get to carving:

Step 1.
First use your kitchen knife to cut a circle around the top of your pumpkin and pull the top off.
Step 2.
Use your spoon to scoop out all those gooey pieces and seeds from inside the pumpkin. You can throw them out if you’d like, but they’re also great for making pumpkin pies or roasted pumpkin seeds!
Step 3.
Tape your template to the front of your pumpkin, while being careful to ensure it’s centered and lined up how you’d like your final design to look.
Step 4.
Now use your poker to poke through the template along each one of the dotted lines. You don’t have to poke through every dot, but these holes will help you cut nice, straight lines in the next step.
Step 5.
Now, the fun part! Use your detail knife to carefully cut along each of the dotted lines you already poked through. Make sure you don’t cut through any of the solid lines, otherwise you could mess up your design. This is always the trickiest bit, so take your time and be careful!
Step 6.
Once you’ve finished cutting, simply peel off the template and enjoy your handiwork! For the full effect, place a candle inside your pumpkin and don’t forget to share your designs with us on our Facebook and Twitter pages!