Reach A Wider Audience

Whether you’re an amazing singer, a crunk-ballet fusion dancer or have another talent so cool we’ve never heard of it, we all have the same goal — sharing our work with a wider audience. As anyone with a view count in the single digits knows though, it’s not that easy. It turns out that everyone is sharing everything, basically all the time. So how’s an intrepid content maker to break through the noise? These tips can help.

The Right Platform in the Right Way

Whenever you’re excited about a new project, we all get that urge to share it in as many places as fast as we can. More exposure has to mean more views, right? Not so fast. The most important thing you can do is tailor your content to the medium. While a long video might do well on Youtube, it will fail hard on a social platform where viewers are looking for “#SnackableContent.” Not only do you need to consider a shorter cut of your video, but even the title may have to change. On a platform like Reddit, every subreddit has its preferred way to title a post. The wrong format is almost a guarantee your video will be downvoted into oblivion. When you’re ready to post, sit down with a refreshing bottle of SUNNYD, do your research, and hit those view counts.

A Little Polish Goes a Long Way

With so much content available online, there’s no shortage of hastily thrown together videos with bad sound and worse visuals. Unless you happen to catch a dog riding a horse, your shaky camera video isn’t going to get many clicks. If you’ve got something worth sharing, do your content justice and record it the best way you can. Whether you’re shooting with a phone or a high-end rig, a few minutes spent tweaking the lighting can make a world of difference. For content like videos, don’t forget the thumbnail image either. If you can entice viewers with an intriguing image that gets them to click, you’ll be in the top charts in no time.

Consistency Builds Followings

So, you’ve gotten a bit of success? That’s amazing! Even one video with a good view count puts you in the top 99.9% of content creators. You might think it’s worth it to throw together another video as fast as possible to keep the clicks coming, right? Think again. The way to build a following is to create consistently high-quality content, not just a lot of it. If a viewer encounters a rushed video on your page, they could easily pass on anything you release in the future. On the other hand, if your second video is just as good as the first, they’ll become a subscriber for life. Just remember that everything you release has an impact on your “personal brand.” Make sure anything you post is the best you can make it.