Parents’ New Year’s Resolutions

We all know a New Year means new resolutions. Whether you go the distance or fade out in February (trust us, we’ve been there), the right resolutions can lead to big improvements for your family and your well-being. While everyone has a few tried and true options, we’ve compiled some parent-specific resolutions that you might not have thought of!

Save Time for “Me Time”

Between work, watching your kids and keeping the house at least mildly tidy, it’s easy to let the entire day slip away without taking a moment for yourself. This year, it’s time to set aside a chunk of the day to just relax and accomplish what you want. Whether that’s time for a hobby, catching up on a good book, or just stretching out on the couch with a SUNNYD cocktail, you’ll feel an instant boost to your level of happiness and well-being.

And for “Family Time”

While taking some time for yourself is important, time with your family should be just as big of a priority. One of our favorite recent activities is a family recipe remix. Every Friday, we take two of our favorite family recipes and work them together into something totally new! From baked ziti pizzas to fried chicken tacos, it’s a fun, exciting way to shake up the foods you already love. Just don’t forget to mix up two of your favorite SUNNYD flavors too for the perfect beverage pairing!

Focus on the Things that Really Matter
Trust us, we know that as a parent it’s easy to stress yourself out. We’ve spent many nights staring at the ceiling and running through everything that could possibly be going wrong in our lives (and the universe for that matter). While some concern is good, the important thing is to focus on the things within your control. While it’s easy to stress, if the subject isn’t something you can fix yourself, it’s just wasted energy! By refocusing yourself and learning not to sweat the small stuff, you can not only accomplish more, but you can also feel happier doing it.