Making Resolutions with Teenagers

When you’re a parent, there’s no shortage of resolutions you can think up for your teenagers. Whether it’s cleaning their rooms regularly or hitting the books a little harder, the difficult part is getting them to follow through! While it may seem like a big task, we’ve found some tips to help keep your teens on track all year long.

If You Choose, They’ll Lose
Ask anyone who’s ever completed a New Year’s resolution and they’ll tell you the same thing: the key to success is commitment. And to stay committed, you’ve got to REALLY want the results. While we may think that parents know best, forcing a resolution on teens is a foolproof way for it to fizzle out by February. Instead, let your child decide the right resolution for them. While it might not be ideal, it’s what’s important to them and most importantly what they’re ready to take on. And once they’ve gotten a taste of success, they can go onto even better things next year!

Hold Each Other Accountable
Another great tip is to treat your resolutions like a challenge you’re doing together, rather than an order from up above. Start off by speaking to your teenagers about your own goals for the year and what you’re hoping to accomplish as well as the challenges you expect to face. Rather than forcing them to participate, ask them to join you with the promise of holding each other accountable. By treating your teen as an equal partner, you can inspire them to seek personal growth for the right reasons, while simultaneously helping them become more open and empathetic.
Celebrate Your Successes
Let’s face it, a year is a long time for any resolution and sometimes you need more carrot than stick. Rather than relying upon the threat of consequences, use New Year’s resolutions as a chance to celebrate your teen’s successes and personal growth. Not to mention, after months of hard work, who doesn’t deserve a tall glass of SUNNYD and a celebratory movie night?