Halloween With Older Kids

Halloween is so simple when your kids are younger. Dress them up in a cute costume, go door to door, take tons of pictures to embarrass them with later. But as your kids grow older, Halloween planning can become more of a trick than a treat. Well, no need to worry! We’ve compiled our top tips for older kids to take the horror out of your Halloween plans (except for the fun horrors, of course).

1. Have a Fright Fest
Once your kids get past their trick-or-treating days, they’re at a perfect age to watch some of your favorite classic scary movies. We find older movies tend to be great for kids of this age because they are more spooky than terrifying. Re-watching an old classic can also be a great chance to bond and create a fresh batch of Halloween memories. Just make sure you don’t forget fresh popcorn, bottles of SUNNYD and of course, a little Halloween candy!
2. Get Ready to Monster Mash
When it comes to parties, there’s no better time to throw a bash than Halloween. These spooky spectacles are the perfect way to let your kids hang out with their friends and maybe have a few of yours over as well. With plenty of classic activities to choose from like bobbing for apples and costume contests, it’s the perfect chance to let your hair down and put that perfect mask on!
3. Have a Spooktacular Time
If turning your house into a haunt isn’t your style, try taking the family out for a scare. Whether it’s a haunted hayride, ghost tour, or the always reliable haunted house, nothing creates bonds with older kids like getting scared silly together. Best of all, many of these modern attractions feature hidden photo ops to catch you at perfectly hilarious moments of terror. Trust us, these are some memories you won’t soon forget!
4. Give Them a Minion
When your kids are too old to trick-or-treat on their own, they’re the perfect age to take the next generation around the block. Whether it’s a younger sibling, neighbor or even the kids next door, Halloween can be the perfect time to give older kids the chance to step up and take on a little extra responsibility. Best of all, while they stay out of trouble, you’ll have plenty of time to pass out candy and enjoy the trick-or-treaters!