Four Tips to Kick Up Your Picnic!

You’ve waited all year for summer and its time to celebrate with a picnic for the ages. Check out our best tips to kick things up to 11 and get your whole family excited!

1. Mix-Up the Menu:
While sandwiches are a picnic staple, we love the idea of bringing in some fun, family favorites paired with the perfect flavor of SUNNYD. For an adventurous twist, Buffalo Chicken Tortilla Roll-Ups go great with the tasty flavors of SUNNYD Smooth and Sweet. On the other hand, Southern Fried Chicken is delicious when served cold alongside a fresh bottle of SUNNYD Tangy Original.
2. Bring the Competition:
Nothing gets people engaged like a little friendly competition. Instead of lugging another game with you, why not have fun with what you’ve got on hand? One of our favorite activities is to play the bottle flip challenge with two 16oz. bottles of SUNNYD. If you haven’t played before, just leave 2 inches of SUNNYD in the bottle and tighten the lid. Everyone takes a turn flipping the bottle so that it completes one full rotation before hitting the ground. The first person to land their bottle perfectly upright wins!
3. Try a New Time
When you think of a picnic, you probably imagine yourself under a bright afternoon sun enjoying a tasty lunch, right? While it’s a classic choice, there’s plenty of fun to be had with a brunch or even dinner picnic. Both times get you out of the heat of the afternoon sun, and with less crowds to deal with that prime blanket real estate can be yours. Best of all, whether you’re catching a morning sunrise or an evening sunset, the views are sure to be unbeatable!
4. Location, Location, Location
Another great way to mix up your standard picnic is by moving the location altogether. Whether it’s sitting on a hillside overlooking the park or enjoying a tasty lunch on a dock as boats pass by, there’s plenty of fun to be had when you add in a little creativity.