Our Favorite
Breakfast-For-Dinner Ideas

Few things get families running to the dinner table like breakfast-inspired meals and cold glasses of SUNNYD! While many people enjoy them in the morning, SUNNYD and breakfast foods are great any time of day, and breakfast-for-dinner can become a favorite family tradition. We found the most delicious breakfast-inspired dinners and listed them here. We can’t think of anything better than eating a great meal and opening some smiles with the family!

1. Waffle Breakfast Sandwich
You read that right! Waffle. Breakfast. Sandwich. First, grab a bottle of SUNNYD Orange Strawberry — its fruity blend complements the waffles and proteins. To save prep time, frozen crispy chicken tenders are a great substitute for frying some up yourself. Next, just put your whole meal between two waffles. A lot of great variations include chicken and waffle sandwiches; bacon, egg and cheese waffle sandwiches; and waffle ice cream sandwiches (for dessert). Of course, there are many different ways to stack your waffles. Some of the notable options we know include fried or sunny side up eggs that add even more flavor as you bite in.
2. Breakfast Burrito
Breakfast burritos are great standbys for many meals. As with many other options, you can customize breakfast burritos to fit any diet or let the family assemble theirs exactly to their liking. You can stick with the classic eggs, cheese, meat, and hash browns recipe, or branch out into regional flavor profiles, like Southwest or Mediterranean breakfast burritos. If you like your burritos spicy, SUNNYD Smooth & Sweet can help offset some of the heat from the salsa. We love breakfast burritos because they’re perfect on the go and can pack a lot of protein.
3. Breakfast Tacos
If you’re following us on social media, you already know we love breakfast tacos. In one of our posts, we shared a picture of a pancake taco with eggs, bacon and cheese, and we paired that breakfast taco with the bright taste of SUNNYD Tangy Original to balance out all those savory flavors. As with many tacos, you can also customize the ones you make at home to your taste and diet restrictions, so you can use any tortilla, pancake, crepe or potato pancake to hold all that breakfast goodness. We’ve also seen a lot of yummy breakfast tacos that pile on avocados, cheese, and cilantro.

4. Breakfast Pizza
This isn’t just cold pizza leftovers from the fridge; breakfast pizzas are some of the most imaginative breakfast hybrids we’ve seen yet. With a myriad of breakfast ingredients, you can make savory or sweet meals for the family. Plus, if you grab pre-made pizza dough from the store, this can be a simple, yet delicious meal for any family dinner. The classic breakfast pizza option has all the ingredients you might expect: scrambled eggs, cheese and meat. We love drinking Smooth & Sweet SUNNYD when we enjoy breakfast pizzas to add a light, sweet element to our breakfast. To elevate your breakfast pizza, you can add other ingredients like salsa and veggies. If you’re a big fan of sunny side up eggs, you can even bake them right on the pizza for a soft and gooey yolk that helps all your flavors blend together. For a fun berry pizza, start with a pancake base, add whipped cream or a cream cheese mixture and then arrange strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries on top.

5. Breakfast Grilled Cheese
Like many options we’ve listed, breakfast grilled cheese sandwiches have an entire breakfast layered in one convenient and tasty form. Even better — this dish cooks quickly, so you can enjoy it in 10 minutes. Like many of the favorites listed here, this grilled cheese contains all the classic breakfast staples you love. For the basic option, a grilled cheese breakfast sandwich can include layers of cheese, eggs and bacon. You can cook the eggs and bacon first and then grill them between your favorite bread and cheese. We found the flavors of Tangy Original SUNNYD go well with cheese, and we recommend giving this pair a try. Like all grilled cheese sandwiches, you can customize your flavors. Breakfast grilled cheeses blend flavors together to create one delicious experience — just like SUNNYD!

We hope we’ve inspired you to make some of your own remixes on breakfast-for-dinner and Open Some Smiles! You can always share pictures of your creations with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. We might share your recipe from our social media accounts! Happy cooking!