Bringing the Family Together for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to gather your family together, but there’s more fun to be had than just enjoying a meal together. With an age group ranging anywhere from 2 to 92, it can be tough to find an activity that keeps everyone happy, but we’ve compiled a few of our favorites.
An Egg-cellent Race
As fun as egg races are, they’re even better when you don’t have to get out of your seat. With this twist, we’re taking the classic relay race out of your yard and around the dinner table. All it takes is a couple of eggs from your fridge and the spoons everyone has. (We prefer fresh, but for the beginners start with hard boiled). Just start at one end of the table by placing an egg on your spoon. Then, try to race an egg around the table by passing it from spoon to spoon. For the competitive types, you can even race the eggs across each side of the table. It’s the perfect way to get everyone talking before your dinner or for a bit of fun after dessert!
Pass the Gratitude
Before your meal begins, it’s important to take a moment to appreciate the things in your life you have to be grateful for. One twist we enjoy is to go around the table and have everyone say something they’re grateful about generally, and then something specific that they’re thankful for about the person sitting to either side of them. We find it’s a great way to not only learn more about each other, but also to examine the great ways we influence each other’s lives and how we work together as a family.
Be a Show-Off
Just because the meal is over doesn’t mean there isn’t more time for family fun. One of our favorite activities is half game, half talent show and a totally great way to learn more about each other. To begin, one person names a talent they have and everyone else tries to replicate it. It can be anything from wiggling your nose to juggling couch cushions. If less than half of the room can match you, you get a point. Repeat the game with everyone in the room three times and then declare a winner!