Boost Your Creativity

Creativity is like having the ability to conjure answers to questions you’ve always wondered and ones you’ve never thought to ask. As an essential tool for most hobbies it’s the perfect way to take your talents to the next level. The important thing to remember is that creativity is a skill that can be nurtured; you just need to take the right steps to make it happen. Here are three methods that can give you a big boost.

Setting Aside Time

While you might have sporadic bits of free-time during the day, chances are you’re not setting aside a specific chunk of time merely for the purpose of being more creative. While you might get the occasional brilliant insight during a long shower, it’s not enough time to really see results. When comedian John Cleese needed to come up with fresh ideas for the sketch comedy group Monty Python, he set aside dedicated time so that his brain could transition from its typical state of methodical planning over to a relaxed, creative frame of mind. While you might not see results immediately, Cleese claims that your subconscious will actually keep working on a problem, allowing you to get more of those “a-ha” moments throughout the day. Just don’t forget to fuel up with a bottle of SUNNYD for some bold refreshment to fuel those long brainstorms.

Finding a Partner

For many people, creativity is spurred by interactions with other people. The key is to find the right partner (or partners). It’s essential to find someone whose opinion you respect and whom you feel completely comfortable around. If you’re too afraid of getting a negative reaction to an off-the-wall suggestion, you’ll never be able to come up with truly original ideas. A partner can also be a great resource if you hold each other accountable. Since creativity has no deadlines or even defined goals, it’s all too easy to let its pursuit fall by the wayside. Stick to a schedule though, and you’ll have no shortage of great ideas.

Creativity Boosting Beats

One of the best ways to get into a creative frame of mind is with a bit of music. While you should pick the songs that suit you best, the important thing is to choose music without distracting lyrics. Classical music is a go-to for many people, but if you’re not a Beethoven fan you could opt for a recent film-score instead. For something with more energy, you could pick techno or dubstep. Or you could pick a dembow track like the upbeat, can’t-get-it-out-of-your-head song in our new commercial. Once you’ve got the perfect playlist made, it’s easy to pop on your headphones and get those creative juices flowing.