Bold New Hobbies

Hobbies reflect who you are. Whether you’re at a party, a first-date, or cornered by that one surprisingly chatty relative, having a unique topic that you’re passionate about is a perfect way to make a lasting impression. Here are some of our favorite picks for new hobbies that are as unique as you are!

Drone Racing

It turns out drones are good for more than just creating cool title sequences for tv shows. Recently, they’ve kicked off one of the hottest new sports around — drone racing. The Drone Racing League pits top pilots against one another in a fast-paced race to the finish through courses straight out of a new Mario Kart game. Wearing a special headset displaying a camera feed from their drone, pilots duck, roll, and weave through neon lit courses complete with moving obstacles. Now that the sport has been picked up by ESPN, it’s just waiting for its next generation of stars. Maybe one could be you.

Video Game Modding

Have you ever thought a game was good, but it could be better? Or that a game about pirates should actually be about space samurai who fly on magic cats made out of rainbows? (Just me?) By becoming a videogame modder, you could make it happen. Modders take their favorite games and tweak them to create something new. It could be as small as a new weapon or a complete overhaul of nearly every aspect of a game. Some of the most popular mods have even become games of their own like Counterstrike and PUBG. If you’ve ever dreamed of making video games for a living, modding could be a great way to get started.


For a few years now, yoga’s been having a moment. Luckily for you trendsetters, a new style has emerged that changes things up in pretty exciting ways. Acroyoga combines elements of both yoga and acrobatics for an activity that pushes your balance and physical fitness to their limits. Best of all, it’s one of the only full-body workouts that can leave you feeling calm and refreshed. Afterwards, don’t forget to cool down with a boldly delicious SUNNYD. Our full-body flavor will also leave you refreshed!